Phlembotomy Technician


Phlebotomy Technician (PBT) in the Health Industry is also known as Phlebotomist.



Individuals in this job need to draw quality blood samples from patients and prepare those specimens for medical testing.



It is the responsibility of a phlebotomist to make their patients pacified in order to be able to conclude the process of extraction and collection of blood in a smooth manner. Moreover, a phlebotomist should be an expert in the techniques and tricks involved in minimising the pain and discomfort of the procedure when extracting their blood. The observations of the physical state of the patient are also noted by the phlebotomists and the extracted blood is marked with the correct specification to curb the chances of it getting lost.

  • Acquire knowledge about the healthcare sector and diagnostic services
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform clinical skills essential in providing basic diagnostic services such as correctly collect, transport, receive, accept or reject and store blood /urine/stool and tissue samples, etc.; update patient records; etc.
  • Practice infection control measures
  • Explain techniques to maintain the personal hygiene needs
  • Describe actions in the event of medical and facility emergencies
  • Describe professional behavior, personal qualities and characteristics of a Phlebotomy Technician
  • Explain good communication, communicate accurately and appropriately in the role of Phlebotomy Technician