Dialysis Technician


Dialysis Technician: also referred to as renal dialysis technician, hemodialysis technician, or nephrology technician.



Dialysis Technician operates machines and perform dialysis on patients with acute or chronic kidney failure. They work under the supervision of physicians and nurses, primarily in hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers/facilities, some nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and long term care facilities. They are responsible for the operation, cleaning, and sterilisation of the dialysis machines. Dialysis Technicians give patients important medical, technical, social and emotional support and also provide vital information on patient conditions to nurses, doctors, and other medical staff.



This job requires the MLT to work in association with doctors, pathologists and scientists. Essential attributes include empathy, orientation to detail, dexterity, critical thinking, persistence and ability to work in stressful environment.

  • Demonstrate knowledge about Renal Failure (ARF & CRF) and its management
  • Demonstrate pre dialysis patient assessment
  • Demonstrate dialyzer extracorporeal blood circuit priming and setting up the machine for dialysis procedure.
  • Demonstrate aseptic cannulation of AVF/AVG and dialysis initiation
  • Demonstrate aseptic acute vascular access catheter care and dialysis initiation
  • Demonstrate alarm processing,continuous monitoring of patient and machine during procedure
  • Demonstrate aseptic decannulation and catheter care after termination of dialysis
  • Demonstrate meticulous infection control measures
  • Operate and maintain R.O Water treatment plant
  • Demonstrate machine disinfection methods
  • Demonstrate dialysis machine maintenance methods
  • Demonstrate dialyzer reprocessing, both manual and automated(Operating RENATRON,INTERFACE Module & RENALOG-RM software)
  • Demonstrate polite and strategic communication skills,grooming skills, professional etiquettes and leadership qualities.