Diabetes Educator


Diabetes Educator: Health professionals involved in the care of people with diabetes through communication, counselling and education.



Individuals in this job are involved in understanding the impact of health behaviour and lifestyle on acute and chronic problems of diabetes and provide a comprehensive, cost effective and self-care management plan.



The job requires individuals to be capable of appreciating the significance of a multidisciplinary approach and work in collaboration with a team of healthcare professionals involved in the management of diabetes. The professional should also engage the patients by educating and providing them with skills and knowledge for effective management of diabetes.

    • Describe the role of a Diabetes Educator and verbalize the roles of various healthcare providers
    • Demonstrate the ability to perform clinical and technical skills essential in providing education to the diabetic or pre diabetic patients
    • Demonstrate professional behavior, personal qualities and characteristics of a Diabetes Educator
    • Apply principles of patient rights in a various simulated situations
    • Demonstrate communication process of a Diabetes Educator, which also reflects professional appearance and a positive attitude
    • Practice infection control measures
    • Demonstrate safe and efficient interventions for patient safety
    • Demonstrate to assess, set and plan the goals for departing education to the diabetic patients
    • Demonstrate to implement and evaluate the performance of the treatment plan in various situations
    • Apply documentation, reporting and follow up activities to the patients and the health team
    • To work in close collaboration with the health team, patient and their relatives for the better results and treatment of the patients
    • Describe the role of basic Health Care provider and verbalize the role of basic Health Care providers
    • Verbalize the roles and responsibilities of the Diabetes Educator
    • Demonstrate right methods of Bio Medical Waste Management
    • Demonstrate Basic Life Support, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and other actions in event of medical and facility emergencies
    • Describe and understand the structure and functioning of the human Body
    • Understand and verbalize the mechanism of regulation of blood glucose in human body
    • Verbalize the role of Pancreas towards metabolism, absorption, storage and excretion of blood glucose in human body
    • Describe the term Diabetes and verbalize it’s epidemiology in Indian scenario
    • Demonstrate steps to be initiated while providing First Aid