Dental Oral Hygienist


In the Healthcare Industry is also known as Dental Hygienist and Dental Health Worker.



It is a dental allied professional who provides preventive oral health, typically focusing on techniques in oral hygiene. Some of the key responsibilities of the Dento Oral Hygienists are to remove plaque and clean and polish teeth using scaling instruments and a rotating polisher. They apply decay preventive agents such as fluorides and sealants, chart medical and dental histories, and take and develop dental x-ray films. They also screen patients, take a medical history, and add information to the patient’s chart.



This job requires the individual to work in collaboration with dentist and deliver the healthcare services as suggested by them. The individual should be result oriented. The individual should also be able to demonstrate clinical skills, communication skills and ethical behaviour.

  • Demonstrate the role of the dental assistant within a variety of dental settings
  • Demonstrate how to prepare and maintain the clinical environment for a range of clinical procedures
  • Demonstrate the recording of information presented to them by dental clinician relating to the patients dental and oral tissues
  • Discuss how to maintain patient confidentiality and patient data protection
  • Demonstrate how to maintain health and safety for self, members the dental team, patients and visitors
  • Demonstrate professionalism and acting within own field of competence
  • Demonstrate how to maintain cross infection control
  • Demonstrate how to mix materials and medicaments to support treatment
  • Demonstrate support the clinician during treatment
  • Demonstrate how to provide basic life support and support the dental team during a medical emergency
  • Demonstrate the preparation of equipment and materials for dental radiography
  • Demonstrate how to process dental films
  • Demonstrate how to maintain accurate detailed records
  • Demonstrate how to refer to other healthcare providers
  • Discuss with patients methods to improve oral health
  • Demonstrate support for and continual monitoring of the patient
  • Demonstrate how to make appointments and maintain dental