Cardiac Care Technician


Cardiac Care Technician (CCT) is a health care specialist who supports cardiologist in diagnosing and treatment of ailments of the human heart. Cardiac care technician in the health Industry is also known as a cardio graphic technician or cardiovascular technician



Individuals in this job assist in performing invasive and noninvasive diagnostic examinations and therapeutic interventions of the heart and/ or blood vessels at the request or direction of a provider.



This job requires individuals to work as a part of a multidisciplinary team and should demonstrate motivation and an innovative approach. The individual should have good organisational and time management skills and should have understanding of the anatomy and physiology human body, particularly related to cardio vascular system.


After completing this programme, participants will be able to:

    • Independently handle the latest technology relevant to heart diseases, diagnosis & treatment
    • Know and apply the principles of sterilization, disinfection, infection control and aseptic techniques
    • Perform invasive and non-invasive diagnostic examinations and therapeutic interventions of the heart and/or blood vessels under supervision
    • Ensure availability of medical and diagnostic supplies
    • Identify and know the instruments and equipment used in different procedures
    • Acquire sound knowledge of special procedures and able to assist in all
    • Able to work effectively with others and have good communication abilities